on our name: in the yucatán or maayab, it is common to have at least one hamaca in your home. we may use it for resting, sleeping, sitting, bearthing, nursing, or so many other daily routines. while i was born and raised in the so-called "united states of america" on traditional homelands of potawatomi, ho-chunk and menominee relatives, i was born into and raised in my mother's blue and green hamaca from the ancestral lands of my familia to the south. una hamaca to me is a spiritual symbol of my cultural heritage and infinite potential. it is a powerful indigenous technology that has been passed down for generations. la hamaca is part of my cultural inheritance and i make my humble offerings with integrity, authenticity, and much amor from my very own sacred hamaca.

Photograph by Andrea Lira

in lak'ech

greetings relatives, soy alida! i am a nonbinary indigequeer dreamt by abundant ancestors, conjured on isla mujeres, the island of womxn in the maayab, born in my grandmother's thiensville home, and raised on minowakiing. i exist as descendant of danish and german immigrant settlers and indigenous maaya of the yucatán peninsula. i weave words, sing sacred songs, brew herbal medicines and in doing so deepen my relationship with myself and my ancestors. i am a bearth and cultural worker committed to the liberation and joy of black, brown, and indigenous peoples everywhere.

as a trained ACLC practitioner of mexican traditional medicine in minowakiing (milwaukee area), i offer personalized afterbearth (postpartum) care. i seek to center indigenous technology to support physical and spiritual healing and ensure a harmonious foundation as you move deeper in your life path. to learn more about the services that i offer, please explore this site and contact me.

for more on my creative performing or sacred space offerings please contact me directly (quetzallida@gmail.com).

Photograph by Lyanne Jordan

Nourishing First Foods

Bone Broths, Teas, Xocolatl & Warming the Matriz

A super important aspect of afterbearth care in Mexican Traditional Medicine is caring for the physical body, including the womb. Warm and potent bone broths, herbal teas, and other plant-based drinks are served within the first hours and days to weeks following your bearth. These medicines are offered to provide essential vitamins and nutrients that need to be replenished and to warm your womb so that coldness does not set in.

Photograph by Amanda Contreras

Offer your physical and spiritual selves the healing you deserve.

Photograph by Andrea Lira

"I had just had my second child and Alida warmly came over to help me in our healing process. Alida brought a fresh herbal tea for both to drink and bathe in. The ceremony was both peaceful and magical; my heart filled with content. I am greatful for the experience."

Lila Saavedra



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