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Amigxs I'm Honored to Learn With

Read a bit about these amazing healers, xingonxs, and keepers of the way(s). They are fierce folx I love and respect who have been instrumental in my arrival to this place in my journey.

Indigemama Ancestral Healing

Panquetzani honors the over 4,000 year-old traditions of her foremothers and integrates her 16 years of study into her practice. She comes from a matriarchal family of folk healers, growing up with bedtime stories of magic, miracles, and deep transformation. These impactful narratives have led Panquetzani to believe that all people have innate wisdom that can revolutionize their own well-being and that of their families. As a holistic womb counselor, complete wellness coach, traditional birth attendant, and foundress of Indigemama: Ancestral Healing, her goal is to support, educate, inspire, and gently guide her clients and students. On her days off, you’ll find Panquetzani fermenting, writing, preparing herbs, playing music, and exploring nature with her sons.

Venice Williams

Venice Williams is the Executive Director of Alice’s Garden and its visionary leader. She calls herself a cultural and spiritual midwife, strongly believing she was put in Creation to help bring forth all that is good and whole in people and places. She has been doing just that in Milwaukee for the past twenty-seven years. She may be reached at venicewb@gmail.com.

Maya Gonzalez

Maya Gonzalez is an artist, author and progressive educator whose work focuses on the use of art and story as powerful tools of reclamation and transformation. Her fine art graces the cover of Contemporary Chicano/a Art and is well documented as part of the Chicano Art Movement. She has illustrated over 20 award-winning children’s books, several of which she also wrote. Since 1996, Maya has been providing presentations to children and educators about the importance of creativity as a tool for personal empowerment. In 2009 she co-founded Reflection Press and in 2013, Maya co-created an online learning environment called School of the Free Mind about expanding the mind and reclaiming the creative. In 2015, Maya launched the Write Now! Make Books series for kids through Reflection Press, a free, playful, in-depth program that engages kids and teens in the very real conversation of diversity in their books. Maya lives and plays in San Francisco with her two powerful kids and her partner Matthew.

Berenice Dimas

Berenice Dimas is a queer xicana whose curiosity to deepen her relationship with herself led her to reconnect with plant medicine. She is the visionary of her herbal medicine line "Cantos De La Tierra,"  her community based herbal education project "Hood Herbalism," and her creative writing outlet Bruja Tip. Find out more about Berenices's work by visiting her website and her IG pages @hoodherbalism and @brujatip.

La Loba Loca

La Loba Loca is a Queer, Chocolla, Andina, South American migrant, artist, researcher, writer, handpoke tattooist, full spectrum companion/doula, aspiring midwife student, seed-saver, gardener and yerbetera. Loba is currently based in Los Angeles, CA but constantly travels across Turtle Island and Abya Yala to facilitate shares and circles on herbalism, plant relations, social justice, healing justice and autonomous health. In the past years, Loba has been delving on creating educational material and providing consulations/comadreo online to ensure the work is accessible to all. Loba is invested on disseminating information with the hope that self-knowledge and (re)cognition of abuelita knowledge will create a future where we can depend on ourselves and communities. 

Red Crown Doula

Ritual, Meditation, Yoga, Herbs, Oils, Stones. 

Doula Lyanne

Focused on supporting WOMEN of COLOR to birth in power, with information, and without fear.

UBUNTU Research and Evaluation

UBUNTU RESEARCH AND EVALUATION is a consulting firm run by Black women who use liberation and beloved community frameworks to evaluate, facilitate, and strategize with individuals, organizations, and communities. 

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